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Use, Renew, Recycle

Have you heard of smart waste? We got you! I Know Trash is the first cloud-based recycling and trash bin that will revolutionize the way we think about trash and will help us determine whether something is recyclable or not.

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Garbage collection became an official system in England. The first garbage receptacle appeared, which was used to store ash from burned waste. It was emptied on a weekly basis and residents were charged even if the bin was empty. The bins were made of metal, wood, or even buckets people had lying around.


Trash bin was redesigned for the new world to fit into modern homes. Manufacturers moved away from plastic and wood towards aluminium, motion sensetive trash bins.


I Know Trash introduces the first Cloud-enabled trash bin at DragonHacks 2019 to reinvent how we think about recycling and trash. Our state-of-the-art bin uses Google Cloud Vision API to determine whether something is trash or recycling and allocate it into an appropriate trash bag.

Current Progress - in beta


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